How can I submit my pictures to Artist Center?

The best way is to contact us via email with your details. We will then send you some forms to fill up.
You will need to have between 10 to 25 pictures ready. Please scan them in the best quality possible.

I am having an art event. Will you promote it?

Sure! We will be having an events page soon. If you are having your own art event or you are participating in one. Please let us know.

I also do other things, like teaching painting. Will you promote me?

You can send us your videos. If what you do is related to painting we would be glad to feature you on our site.

I haven’t received the email containing the forms to fill up to be a member.

Check your spam folder first, that’s usually where it is.
If it’s not there, send a message to [email protected]

I can see you have other features on your site like Story Telling, Animation etc.
Can I suggest a feature which I am good at?

Definitely! This community is for all artists of Indian origin. If your feature is related in some way to artistic painting then definitely we would love to feature you.