Children's Corner

When a ball is thrown upward then due to earth's gravitational pull it come back to ground, hence nothing touches ball and it comes back to you.

Every mass in the universe creates its own gravitational field.
Any other mass placed in the original mass’s gravitational field will feel an attractive gravitational force directed towards the center of the original mass. The same is true for the earth, a planet with a very large mass compared to the ball with a small mass. The ball always feels an attractive force towards the center of the earth (which we see as directed towards the ground). When it is thrown up, the gravitational force pulls it back down.
You must observe that when the ball is thrown up, it keeps moving up for some time, but constantly keeps getting slower until it stops and begins falling back down, getting faster and faster. This is because the force of earth’s gravitational field is always directed downwards (towards the center of the earth.
The acceleration due to earth’s gravity, “g” has a value of 9.81 m/s^2.
When the ball is thrown up, it is going against the earth’s gravitational field and so, the earth’s gravitational force pulls it back down, accelerating it downwards.

The name of the son is What.
The reason why is because What is the name of the fourth son is not phrased as a question.
Its phrased as a statement. “What is the name of the fourth son” with a period instead of a question mark.


6 - 1 = 5
5 SQUARE = 25
25 - 19 = 6
6 x 9 = 54
54 - 8 = 46
46 HALVE = 23
23 - 2 = 21
21 ÷ 7 = 3
3 + 19 = 22


With 149 men and 259 women.
The best way is to fix the number of children and play around with the numbers of the men and women to see what happens as these are changed.
It soon becomes apparent how changing the children changes the answer and 92 is soon found.

3 - The robins love hiding amongst the smooth reeds.
7 - It's always worth looking after your friends, even if they've upset you.
8 - Even heavyweight boxers like using soft tissues when they have a cold.
5 - To avoid the calf, I veered sharply to the left.
9 - The eggs were boxed thirteen instead of a dozen in each baker's delivery box.
1 - Having salmon every day for lunch gets a little boring after a while.
10 - The attendance at the local football match exceeded last weeks by many thousands.
4 - We need to waterproof our boots to make sure we don't get wet.
2 - Meeting friends after work allows executives to network effectively.
6 - The orchestra sounded magnificent with the three virtuosi xylophonists.